Edith Pro/X11

Dear visitor,

Edith Pro/X11 is a flexible, free text editor package originally developed for the Atari ST operating system that now runs on all popular platforms including WinXP, Vista and MacOS X using X11. The software has been stable since 2001 and to date there is a loyal user base of a fair size.

Features include excellent keyboard control, multi-part and rectangular text selection, high-quality syntax highlighting, support for serial repetitive editing of one or more files from within Edith or from the UNIX shell, and much more. It's the best and fastest you can get without being an Emacs or VI guru.

A new version of Edith with no functional changes but an updated vista look and feel is being tested now and will appear here soon.

The Edith Pro software can be downloaded at the following location:

      www.groenink.com/ pub/edith.

Try Edith Pro/X11 and enjoy!

Annius Groenink, the author.

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